Wednesday, August 24, 2016

After a few years away from the lazy ways to make money, I decided to look into it a few things again.  I had continued to pick up Swagbucks here and there (with codes and coupons) but for the most part, lazy ways just included credit card and bank bonuses.  I will try to keep with the efforts over the next few weeks and see where it lands.  I picked up with Swagbucks again and it is basically the same.  I still think it is the easiest way to pick up a little extra money.  I also tried Perks again.  I had read about Perk farming but I never tried it.  I was able to pick up over a 100 Swagbucks the first day back (1 Swagbuck is approximately worth 0.01) and I was able to pick up 400 Perk points (1 perk point is approximately worth 0.001 so it takes 1000 perk points to get a dollar).  This is not much money but the efforts were 85% passive (do nothing) and with some fine tuning it looks like 4-5 dollars a day might not be too difficult.  There are a few good resources available on Swagbucks and Perk.  You can check out the pages for more details - I will start to update those as time permits.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Solution

For the puzzle on Tuesday, August 13 - Whip Up Something
For the puzzle on Wednesday, August 14 - Proving Ground

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Solution

For Monday, August 12, 2013 - PLAID FABRIC


Added additional apps for mPOINTS.  I was able to get the 914 points without much issue.  Takes time to watch the sponsor videos.  The and weather channel apps seem to be the best to collect points.  The tasks are useful (e.g., checking the weather or looking up words).

Total: $3.17

Swagbucks: 184 sb = $2.04
Viggle: 702 pts = $0.28
Bing: 16 pts = $0.17
mPOINTS: 914 pts = $0.37
iRAZOO: 188 pts = $0.31

8/10 Trying iRAZOO

Decided to try iRAZOO.  Not impressed at first - see how it goes.

Total: $2.53
Swagbucks: 110 sb = $1.22
Viggle: 1953 pts = $0.78
Bing: 16 pts = $0.17
Sony Rewards: 10 pts = $0.10
mPOINTS: 295 pts = $0.12
iRAZOO: 88 pts = $0.15

8/8 - 8/9

Total $3.31
Swagbucks: 93 sb = $1.03
Viggle: 4638 pts = $1.86
Bing: 16 pts = $0.17
Sony Rewards: 10 pts = $0.10
mPOINTS: 400 pts = $0.16

Signed up for Hulu Plus offer - think it was 450 sb.  Always wanted to try it to see if it has enough to help "cut the cord."  Have 7 days to decide to keep it or not.  So far I am not impressed.

Total: $7.37
Swagbucks: 492 sb = $5.07
Viggle: 3443 pts = $1.38
Bing: 16 pts = $0.17
Sony Rewards: 10 pts = $0.10
mPOINTS: 400 pts = $0.16

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


New points/rewards program for me - mPOINTS popped up in the middle of the Scramble with Friends app on my Nexus.  Checked into it and found a few other apps (started with The Weather Channel,, Nexercise, and Moviefone) that give point too.  Rewards look to be on a 0.0004 $ per point.  So far it is seems like 300 to 400 points a day would be fairly easy.